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Le jeudi 20 septembre 2012



Sometimes worksite takes place in an exceptional place. This is what happened in our agency based in Toulouse, in Cahors city, in the Lot department.


The sun is shining in this early July. A bit hot, but no more than August.

The worksite takes place in the foot of the bridge “Valentré”, famous fortified bridge of the 14th century and the drilling are made from the river, on a barge.


It looks like a busy program for our team during 2 days: pressuremeter drilling, penetrometer test with dynamic penetrometer, foundation exploration, etc... as part of a geotechnical study for the structures reinforcement of building CABAZAT quay.

At lunch time, by the river around a delicious seasonal salad, Eric and his assistant, Julien, enjoy those moments. “I love this job to see stuff like that!” says Eric, “It’s not the first worksite of this kind I do. I am getting experience because it’s not easy to work on water. You have to trust the equipment you have. This is why we have, for a long time, work with the same supplier.”

After this break, let’s go back to work to dismantle the barge.



On the left: Eric, driller chief, controls the manoeuvre. On the right: meticulous and ordered dismantling of the barge, by respecting the strict safety rules.


The barge fully dismantled and loaded on the truck, our team finish their worksite.



Le mercredi 1 août 2012


Wind farm in Bialogard : the first of many!

Bialogard, is a medium-sized city (25 500 citizens) of the Western Pomeranian province, located in the plain of the same name.


This is here that the polish subsidiary of ALIOS Engineering, ALIOS Polska, has realized its first wind farm geotechnical studies under the leadership of our Renewable Energies Department.

And it is only a beginning, in addition very rising, as we are currently into negotiations with contractor companies for windmill installation in other cities.

Study context: 2 windmill construction of Nordex type with a unit power of 3.0MW, in the Bialogard wind farm in the north-east of the city.

Our mission: geotechnical report – draft version (G12 mission) including: calibrated drilling dropped at 20 m with pressuremeter tests realization per drilling, geological exploration drilling, excavation with a backhoe loader, piezometer installation, laboratory tests.

Left picture:  auger drilling.
Right picture: pressuremeter drilling

Le vendredi 27 juillet 2012

INVESTMENTS: New equipment for the central laboratory in Bordeaux.

New equipment for the central laboratory in Bordeaux.

ALIOS Engineering has just invested important amount in the acquisition of material resources for its laboratories.


Those investments goals are many:

     - to increase the central laboratory capacities

- to improve the tests quality by being at the
  cutting-edge of technology

- to propose shorter deadline for the
  statement report

- to answer to an ever-increasing demand

- to give more satisfaction to its clients


This time, it is about the acquisition of new machines for its central laboratory in Bordeaux:

- 2 pneumatic and automatic oedometer

- 2 Casagrande shear box device

- Management, acquisition and sorting of data Clip Studio Software


All of this completes already an important set of machines

Left picture :
Casagrande shear box device tests. To the right: oedometer test totally managed by informatic (in the foreground, interface of acquisition data software and sorting Clip Studio)


On the left: shear tests.
On the right: pneumatic and automatic oedometer

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