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Geotechnical diagnosis (G5)

During the course of the project or in the course of a work construction life, it can be necessary to do, but limited to, the study of one or several specific geotechnical elements, as part of an occasional mission. This geotechnical diagnosis explains the influence of this/these geotechnical elements about identified geotechnical risks and also its possible consequences for the existing project or work.
- To definite, after a documentary inquiry, a specific geotechnical investigations program, to realize it or to ensure the technical monitoring, and to use the results.

- To study one or several specific geotechnical elements (for example retaining structure, geotechnical causes of a disorder) as part of this diagnosis, but without any involvement in the entire project or in the study of the general state of the existing work.

- If this diagnosis leads to change one part of the project or to realize work on the existing building, geotechnical conception or execution studies and geotechnical monitoring and supervision will be realized later, in accordance with the chain of the geotechnical engineering mission (step 2 and/or 3).

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