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With 25 years of experience in the soil studies area, ALIOS Group has established a hydrogeology department to complete its skills and serve the growing demand.

The waterground consideration in management and construction projects became an essential factor for its success and for the normal working procedures. This type of expertise needs a perfect knowledge of the environmental context and current regulation, and also the knowledge of a particular discipline.

The hydrogeology skills proposed by ALIOS Group cover many intervention areas in different project development levels

• Expertise phase and environmental evaluation: initial state analysis, historical and documentary study, issues and constraints definition

• Size phase and prescription establishment: stormwater and wastewater management systems, waterground management, projects adjustments to the environmental constraints.

• Regulatory phase: editing of regulatory files under the environmental code (water law, repercussion analysis, impact study) and contracting authority assistance for regulations monitoring and consideration.

• Work and operational phase: establishment of waterground observation network, quantitative an qualitative monitoring water.

Area of expertises

Hydrogeological studies associated with construction projects (subsoil, drainage, waterground management during construction work) as part of geotechnical studies:
     • piezometer establishment
     • water level determining (EH, EB, EE)
     • pumping tests
     • Rates calculation of water table drawdown
     • hydrodynamic modelling of water flow

alios: pomping test
Individual Sanitation: soil studies:

     • drilling and permeability test
     • sanitation system size

Community and semi community sanitation: soil studies:
     • drilling and permeability test
     • sanitation system size
     • Impact analysis

stormwater management systems: soil studies:
     • drilling and permeability test
     • compensatories solutions size

Impact studies on groundwater :
     • effluent discharge
     • pumping
     • drainage
     • urban development
     • cemetery
     • windmill, photovoltaic, methanisation…

Management of groundwater resources:
     • needs estimation
     • water research
     • protection perimeter
     • water quality

Waterground and soil pollution diagnosis:
     • historical and documentary study

Investigation :
     • Drilling
     • soils and waterground sampling and analysing
     • conceptual scheme

Declaration and authorisation files under article L.214-1 and following the environment code (water law)

alios: pumping testing

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